Learn How to Write Lyrics

In my lyrics writing course, you’ll learn how to come up with great ideas, choose the perfect words, and arrange rhythms and rhymes to create awesome verses, choruses, and bridges.

Improve your lyrics writing skills by understanding how to organize your thoughts and build captivating lyrics.

Whether you’re new to lyrics writing or already experienced, this course will teach you how to brainstorm ideas easily and structure your lyrics for maximum impact.

Harlem Shakes

Meet Jonny Lewis – The Lyricist Behind Second Decode

Melody Interpreter

Hey there! I’m Jonny Lewis. I love writing lyrics, and that’s why I started Song Decode. It’s all about teaching folks how to understand and create awesome lyrics. Music is my jam, whether it’s pop, country, dance, or hip-hop. I’ve been into writing lyrics since I was a kid. Words and music just click for me, so writing lyrics has become my lifelong passion.

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Got a Question About A Song's Lyrics?

If you are not my student but want to ask me questions about a song’s lyrics, no problem. I will help at no cost because this is my interest. I enjoy discussing lyrics with people. 

However, since I receive so many questions every day, I have to prioritize my students’ questions. So it may take me some time to get to your question. 

If you don’t mind, click the button below to ask me anyway.